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3M- Logistics is a member of the WCA FAMILY Group.

 We provide freight forwarding, logistics operations, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution,

 project shipment, advanced IT platforms and customized total solutions - all with value-added services.

The experienced and professional team of our own offices in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Italy and Egypt and agents in North Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia and South Africa provides our valuable business partner with the most cost-effective and time-critical solutions. Via a single platform, our worldwide IT solutions provide real-time data to customers wherever they are in the world.


  •  Door to Door and Intermodal :

    By integrating ship, rail and truck transportation modes, 3 M Logistics provides "One-Stop Shop" service including customs clearances, inspection, booking, insurance, transportation, warehousing, and distribution to minimize the overall transit time for our customers. Door-to-Door delivery to any major business center all over the world is available.

    In addition, 3 M Logistics is able to provide tailor-made Sea-Air and Sea-Rail service to ensure the most cost-effective and time-efficient requirements.


Sea-Air Transpiration

Far East / Taiwan - Europe/North America

3 M Logistics provides sea-air intermodal service to integrate sea and air transportation from the Far East to Europe/North America via Taiwan or other locations with geographical advantage. This is ideal for shipments to meet deadlines not achievable via sea freight and at the same time keeping the total freight cost to the minimum

3 M Logistics, with full support from airlines, including our group member EVA AIR, offers first class service at the most competitive rates. We also make sure that every effort is made to assist our customers in competing in the global market.

We have full support from airlines, including our partner EVA Air, to offer world-class service at the most competitive rates. 3 M Logistics offers customers professional airfreight services for import and export, including:

Sea/Air Transportation
Dangerous Cargo
Customs Clearance